Light and color
measurement solutions
for FPDs, LEDs, OLEDs, and lighting systems.
  • Fast, accurate measurements matching human visual perception
  • Industry-first Smart Technology™ innovations
  • Ultra-high resolution measurements

New! ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters

The World's Fastest and Most Accurate High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeters.

ProMetric I is the newest family of high-performance imaging colorimeter solutions from Radiant Zemax. These purpose-built products are designed for high-volume manufacturing of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, and lighting products. The high-resolution CCD is ideal for applications requiring very fine spatial resolution.


Flat Panel Measurement

Color and luminance uniformity, contrast, view angle performance and defect detection measurement solutions for FPD R&D.

Flat Panel Measurement


Lighting Characterization

Evaluate and qualify lighting systems against application-specific requirements for light output, color and illumination.

Lighting Characterization


LED Measurement

LED measurement solutions are designed for application in LED and LED lighting system design and development, quality control in high volume production.

LED Measement

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